EarthView’s initiatives have created

$24M in EarthView savings since inception

1.7 YEAR average payback period for our efficiency investments

$2M annual energy savings from operational protocols implemented by property teams


EarthView has informed how we approach business and is now wholly integrated into Hersha’s business strategy. Having a strategy informed by sustainability leads to hotels with higher margins, stronger net operating income (NOI), and increased long-term valuations. Every $1 of savings from reduced energy and water usage and lower waste production flows directly to the bottom line.

Hersha is an active participant in the following


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EarthView is one of the industry’s most established hotel sustainability platforms. As leaders in this field, we are constantly searching for and capitalizing on innovative opportunities that have positive externalities and create operational savings, long-term value, and enhanced guest experiences.


Guests are increasingly seeking more from their travel experiences, and we are well poised to capture this growing interest. As travelers become more mindful of their environmental and social impact, hotels that minimize their ecological footprints, provide quality responsibly sourced products, engage with local communities, and empower their associates are better positioned to succeed. We provide memorable amenities and unique offerings to elevate the quality of our guests’ experiences.


Individual guests are not the only ones seeking more sustainable travel options – businesses are as well. Through EarthView, we are able to satisfy this need by providing green meeting options, helping to decrease Scope 3 emissions and waste generation from business travel.

Waste Management

Our mindful waste management efforts increase the quality of experience for our guests, associates, and communities. Our hotels and our corporate offices participate in recycling and waste management programs, including operational, guest, and business waste recycling, compost, towel & linen reuse, laundry water reuse, and Clean the World.